From conception to completion, Oliver Heights is a demonstration of sustainability. Built into and of the terraced landscape overlooking established orchards and vineyards, and surrounded by the Crown’s White Lake and South Okanagan Grasslands Protected Areas, our thoughtfully designed, gated community is master-planned in the most authentic sense of the term.

Our ethos is one of permanence — low-impacts, low-inputs, maximum green and environmental initiatives, enduring design and materials, and extraordinary benefits to residents and community. We are here for the long haul, offering Bareland Strata property to own, not lease like so many other home sites in the area.

We have envisioned a representative mix of housing forms and sizes, sympathetic to each other and the environs in design and scale, to inspire a harmonious community of home owners are varied age and inclination. We have designed for a lifestyle, marketing to a spectrum of potential buyers with similar values, but individualized square footage and amenity requirements.

With absolute commitment to maintaining basic design guidelines and neighborhood character, we offer an extraordinary menu of choice in elevation, size, configuration, finishing, appliances and amenities. Each home unique, yet each home in complement to its neighbours and the entire Oliver Heights community.

Our prime real estate, scaling the desert foothills overlooking Oliver Township, represents an opportunity to build beautifully and sustainably, with ultimate respect for those who look upon it, and for those who live in it.


Our award-winning contemporary design and build team rely on a strategic and groundbreaking combination of climate-controlled off-site building, and time-managed on-site assembly, to address the unique character of each home site, and to advantage materials and labour efficiencies not possible with traditional building protocols.

A strategic combination of green and energy saving initiatives and in-house recycling have reduced traditional home construction waste by more than 60% on average and reduced build times by 40% on average.


Substantial cost and labour savings are passed along to the home buyer, and substantial building and energy resource savings reduce environmental impacts, site traffic, construction noise, particulate pollution, and overall disruption to the rural community.

Climate-controlled interior builds are considerably safer and more comfortable for workers, and deliver homes of superior quality, weatherproofing and longevity that our builder team and our dreamers and designers can stand behind.


Oliver Heights home designs and construction techniques are as energy efficient as possible. A long list of green initiatives including vapour barriers, sealing and caulking implementation, Low E Argon filled double and triple paned glazing, added insulation ratings, result in impressive environmental math. Consider the benefits of Oliver Heights home construction over industry standards:

Standard specifications include LED lighting and low-flow fixtures throughout, natural gas powered stoves and dryer, Energystar appliances, and xeriscape landscape design requiring little or no irrigation. Solar collection, and passive ‘net zero’ energy efficient design services are optional upgrades.

See the individual home plan pages for included feature and upgrade option details specific to each layout and homesite. 

Progressive Home Warranty is part of the assurance a home owner can count on. As the builder of single family homes Oliver Heights supplies a warranty that includes: 1 year warranty for materials and labour, 2 year warranty for mechanical systems, 5 year warranty for envelope coverage, and a 10 year warranty for structural defects.

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